La ViÑuela

La Viñuela (2,000 inhabitants) is the name of both a water reservoir and a municipality of the same name. You will find them in the heart of the Axarquia in the province of Malaga, a short 20 km drive from the coast and Velez-Malaga. The lake and all surrounding municipalities of La Viñuela, Los Romanes (part of Viñuela), Alcaucin and Periana are very popular destinations for a holiday home. This is because of the beautiful views and outstanding climate. It is an ideal location not too far from Malaga Airport, but unlike the coast, it offers peace, nature and… lower prices.

Right next to the lake is a large luxury hotel, Hotel Viñuela. At this beautiful location, you can rent rooms for large groups and weddings.

Reservoir La Viñuela

The lake has a capacity of 170 million cubic meters and provides many households in the Axarquia with clean drinking water and energy. Franco constructed it and it´s of essential value. Water sports such as sailing and rowing are allowed on the lake as long as no pollution can be caused by engines. There are several picnic areas around the huge water reservoir for recreation after water sports.

Watersupply in the Axarquia

Water in the Axarquia
Water in de Axarquia

The Axarquia is one of the driest areas in Andalusia. The comarca has up to 300 days of sunshine a year! However, due to tourism and the intensive cultivation of mainly avocados, far too much water is consumed. Do you want to go on vacation here? Then use water sparingly. Do you want to buy a house in the Axarquia? Also, consider the many innovative water-saving options on the market today. Think about your water use inside, but also for your garden and swimming pool. In addition, keep in mind that many water wells in the countryside are illegal. This can be a problem for the DAFO certificate. Shares in water communities are rare and not always available.

Nature and La Maroma

The adjacent mountain La Maroma (2,000 meters) is the highest mountain in the Axarquia. It is part of the Sierra de Tejeda and Sierra de Almaha mountain range. Many grapes grow here (the name of the place is derived from the word ‘vine’) and in La Viñuela they celebrate the annual festival de las pasas (festival of raisins/currants). The town is also home to an outdoor company that organizes water sports and jeep tours.

  • The La Viñuela feria is at the end of July

Los Romanes

Hotel in Viñuela, Los Romanes

This sub-municipality ´Los Romanes´ at an altitude of 465 meters offers a magnificent view over the lake La Viñuela. It only has about 500 inhabitants and the population has almost doubled due to the new construction district Pueblo Ana Maria with several phases. The feast of Virgen Milagrosa they celebrate in Los Romanes on the 15th of August. There is also an annual flamenco festival.

One of the nicest places is Hotel-Restaurant Las Orquídeas. It is a luxurious and artistic hotel with a Turkish steam bath, private swimming pool and approximately 10 rooms. The special ironwork in the banisters is tastefully repeated in the beds.


The village of Alcaucin also has about 2,000 inhabitants and borders the province of Granada. It is wooded with relatively varied wooded vegetation and has views over the Viñuela lake. The important mountain pass has the name Boquete de Zafarraya and leads to Zafarraya and Almaha de Granada. The Arabic origin of the name Alcaucin means ‘arches’ which can refer to a non-existent aqueduct or to a tree species from which the bows of the bow and arrow were made. It was the Moors / Arabs who started the construction of Fort Zalia in 1485 in Alcaucin, of which only the ruins can now be found. The village itself is fairly authentic, however, the Puente de Don Manuel quarter has more or less developed into a British enclave.

A special fact is that in 2015 Alcaucin had the first foreign mayor of Andalusia of Belgian origin.

  • End of June: Puente Don Manuel feria
  • Early August: local feria party week with flamenco festival
  • August 15: Fiesta de la Barriada “Espino”
  • End of August: Feria de La Barriada de la Venta Baja.
  • 7-8 Septiembre: Fiesta de las Candelarias (burning the remains of the harvests)
  • First weekend of November: Feast of Chestnuts of Alcaucin


The town of Periana (3,500 inhabitants) lies on the other side of Lake La Viñuela. Apart from nature and the lake, the mineral-bearing Moorish baths Bañon de Vilo are a minor attraction within the Axarquia.

The municipality of Periana also includes the small villages/discrits of Mondrón, Baños de Vilo-La Negra, La Muela, Río Seco, Guaro, La Laguna y La Vinagrera, Marchamonas, El Aguadero, Carrión, El Cañuelo, Cortijo Blanco, Los Marines, La Viña, Cerrete, Caracol, Regalón, Moya, Las Mayoralas and Pollo Pelao.

For the places Triana, Benamargosa, Cutar, El Borge, Almachar and Comares – beautifully situated high in the mountains – you have to take another exit just above Velez-Malaga, so don’t follow the signs to La Viñuela.

  • The Periana feria is in the third week of August

Lawyer for buying a house in Viñuela, Alcaucin, Periana, etc.?

Check the legal tips (for example regarding the DAFO certificate in the countryside) for buying a house in La Vinuela, Alcaucin, Periana, Triana, Benamargosa, Cutar, El Borge, Almachar or Comares.

Viñuela Los Romanes
View from Viñuela´s district Los Romanes