The Axarquia is the eastern part of the Malaga province in Andalusia, Spain. It consists of 31 towns with Velez-Malaga as capital. The towns of Nerja, Frigiliana, Torrox, Competa Alcaucin and Viñuela are the most important touristic destinations. The inland part is very rustic and authentic while the beach towns on the coast gain touristic attraction every year again. The ´comarca´ La Axarquia has Malaga airport close-by and up to 300 days of sun a year.


The mild climate of course is also the most significant factor for which the area is so popular even in winter. This long season is also why many people discover this more quiet area (in total 210.000 inhabitants) as an interesting location for buying a house or apartment. In general prices in the Axarquia are still lower than on the Western Costa del Sol.

Apart from tourism in the coastal areas the biggest source of income is agriculture. If you have some avocados or mangos in your kitchen there´s a big chance it grew under the sun of the Axarquia. Of course you also find olive and almond trees, here, trees and practically all type of fruits that you can imagine. Algarrobo, Sayalonga, Cómpeta, Canillas de Albaida, Torrox, Nerja and Frigiliana together Algarrobo, Sayalonga, Cómpeta, Canillas de Albaida, Torrox, Nerja y Frigiliana the ´Route of Wine and Sun´because of their may wine yards and local Malaga wines.

El Borge24.4900
Canillas de Aceituno42.01.600
Canillas de Albaida33.2700
Rincón de la Victoria28.546.000


Charming Alcaucin is quite popular amongst the British and other foreigners for second homes as it´s located close to Velez-Malaga. It has beautiful views over the Viñuela lake and La Maroma mountain, the highest mountain of La Tejada. The part of town that has been largely overtaken by the British is called Puente de Don Manuel.


Algarrobo isn´t the most pretty coast town as it has some high rise. On the other hand the prices of real estate are interesting and also it has its beaches with some restaurants and the location is central with only a view kilometres to Torre del Mar / Velez-Malaga and the A7 highway.


Comares has a spectacular location high on the mountain. Perfect for people that like pictoresk rustic villages and don´t mind the drive up. The views over the Axarquia from this village at 700 metres from sea level are stunning.


This pretty white village is famous for it´s wine and yearly wine festival. Competa attracts tourists and foreign residents that want to get away from all the fuzz at the coast. The curvy road to this town runs through Torrox and ensures that it will never get as busy as Frigiliana. The countryside of Competa is popular amongst foreigners that want to enjoy the quietness and beautiful views of rural life in the Axarquia.


Many prizes are won by this photogenic village 6 kilometres north from Nerja for its beauty. Frigiliana is painted white every year and a the ideal place to shoot some awesome selfies during your holiday. As it is situated against the mountain you need to clime quite a bit but it will guarantee you spectacular views all the way to the sea. Besides of the yearly local feria festivities Frigiliana is famous for the beautiful ´Three Cultures Festival´ in summer.


Nerja is an ideal holiday destination for families and the most popular town of the Axarquia. It has lots of restaurants and bars in the old city centre plus 13 delightful, very different beaches. The Balcon the Europa is a famous viewing point that offers memorable views over the coastline, town and mountains. Another nice tourist attraction are the famous caves, Las Cuevas de Nerja, that are definitely worth a visit. If you visit Nerja, don´t forget to check the activity calendar as there are many festivities all through the year.

Rincón de la Victoria

Rincon de lo Victoria is in size the second largest city of the Axarquia. It´s not so touristic but very attractive for Andalusians that prefer to live just outside of Malaga capital. And that can afford to do so… Rincon the la Victoria officially has the highest income per person in the whole Malaga province. At the same time it doesn’t have a posh appearance. La Cala and Benagalbon also form part of this municipality.


The friendly and quiet village of Sayalonga offers impressive views over the much busier coast. It´s small, authentic and it´s definitely worth the drive up as the road actually is pretty good. There is a nice bodega to visit (Bentomiz Sayalonga) that produces some glorious wines which you can taste with some delicious tapas.


Torrox-Costa and Torrox-Pueblo, 4 kilometres up the mountains, seems worlds apart. Where Torrox-Costa has lots of high-rise and tourism, Torrox-Pueblo is still relatively unspoiled, despite from its good location close to the A7 highway. On the coast Torrox Park has been popular for years for its relative cheap priced houses and on the coast, including Peñoncillo, there are some interesting new-build developments for buyers with not the biggest budgets.


The capital of Axarquia itself, Velez-Malaga, is surprisingly little touristic. Despite of its size, its castle and Semana Santa museum, it´s even difficult to find a nice restaurant! On the other hand, Torre del Mar on the coast might be under valuated as it has a very popular boulevard, nice beaches, a good shopping center (El Ingenio), regional hospital and relatively good-priced real estate. Other villages that belong to Velez-Malaga are:

  • Almayate
  • Benajarafe
  • Caleta de Vélez
  • Cajiz
  • Chilches
  • Lagos
  • Mezquitilla
  • Torre del Mar
  • Trapiche
  • Triana
  • Valle-Niza


The town of La Viñuela is the same as the big hand-made water reservoir that offer the town and whole region not only water but also breathtaking views. There are some watersports activities but the biggest feature here are the surroundings and quietness. It´s only a 15 minute drive from Velez-Malaga and Torre del Mar, which makes La Viñuela very popular amongst Northern-European second-home owners. The popular area of Los Romanes up the mountain also belongs to La Viñuela.