Life in Andalusia

Andalusia at its best: Donna and me (Ariane) at San Isidro folklore festivalSince 2006 I live in Nerja, Andalusia, 50 km east from Malaga city on the Costa del Sol. A few years ago I wrote a book ´Future & Tapas´ about my emigration to Spain, setting up a restaurant and having a daughter in very different country. The book was published in Holland but you find a free English translation of my emigration book on this website. I hope you´ll enjoy it…! A lot has happened since and I´ve integrated really well by now. My daughter has become a teenager, I have a Spanish boyfriend and since 2013 I work in a Spanish law firm in Torrox. This firm (C&D Solicitors) is specialised in property law and I mainly advise Northern European clients that want to buy a house in Andalusia. I really love my work :). It´s very interesting as no two purchases are the same.

My colleagues at law firm C&D Solicitors

Buying a house in Andalusia is very different from other countries, which I also know out of my personal experience. Make sure that you exactly know under which conditions you buy, because these may have large legal and financial consequences. Thinking of purchasing yourself? Please take the time to read my legal advices buying a house in Andalusia! Please let me know if you have any questions about your purchase.

Un saludo! Ariane van Wijk

For Dutch and Belgians; please check my general Dutch website or the Dutch version of Buying a house in Andalusia.