1. Spanish buying process in 10 steps

The Spanish buying process (from reservation through the real estate agent to the Title Deeds at the notary) can vary from 2 weeks until more than a year. This depends on the documentation, circumstances and wishes of the buyer & seller. The average, however, lies between 2 and 4 months. Purchases of ´Urbano´ properties in the towns usually go a bit quicker than ´rustic / rural´ houses in the countryside. In general, the buying process of a house in Andalusia looks like this.

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Spanish buying process

The 10 steps in the Spanish buying process
The 10 steps in the Spanish buying process
  1. The preparations: setting budget (including purchase costs), area orientation, selection real estate agent and lawyer to avoid problems when buying
  2. Viewings with the real estate agent (or Promoter in case of New Build)
  3. Verbal price agreement (in the countryside including DAFO costs) & signing Power of Attorney with the lawyer
  4. Signing reservation contract of the real estate agent – with payment reservation fee
  5. Part 1 legal investigation of the lawyer, incl. possible measurements, structural surveys by the architect or valuation for a mortgage
  6. Signing the private purchase contract of the lawyer – with a 10% down payment
  7. Part 2 legal investigation of the lawyer
  8. Signing Title Deeds (Purchase Deeds) at the notary by the lawyer – with final payment
  9. After-sales by the lawyer: registration in Land Registry & Cadastre, tax payments for the house and possible furniture and transferring service contracts (electricity, water, IBI, basura, Community of Owners or comunidad)
  10. Final balance meeting lawyer & signing Spanish wills (with fiscal advice inheritance tax), possible application rental license 
Spanish purchase process
Buying a house in Spain? This is what the standard process looks like.

Quick completion or delayed purchase

Of course, if both parties agree, it´s always possible to skip certain steps in the Spanish buying process like the reservation contract or the private purchase contract. This is called having a ´quick completion´. On the other hand, it´s also an option to plan the signing of the Title Deeds later than normal. The reason for this can be the legal situation of the property, financial requirements (like Spanish mortgages or the sale of another property), or if the vendor currently still is renting out the property.

Junta de Andalucia

This website focuses on Andalusia, as the purchase goes by the laws of the autonomic state of the Junta de Andalucia. The reason for this is that Spain has a strongly decentralized government structure, with a lot of power in the region. Andalusia consists of the following provinces:

  1. Huelva
  2. Seville
  3. Cordoba
  4. Jaen
  5. Cadiz (Costa de la Luz)
  6. Malaga (Costa del Sol)
  7. Granada (Costa Tropical)
  8. Almeria

Within Andalusia, the Malaga province is most popular for buying a property. This because of the good weather in winter, good facilities and the lucrative rental options for tourists. The coast of the Malaga province is called the Costa del Sol. This runs from Estepona in the South-West until Nerja in the East. Also the Costa Tropical in Granada is gaining a lot of popularity amongst foreign buyers. The West coast between Estepona / Marbella and Malaga city is the most touristic. On the other hand, the Easter Costa del Sol with the Axarquia area is less busy.